Meet the team: Dan, our Community Wellbeing Officer

Dan is part of the team who provides personal wellbeing support to patients and the public who have practical, social and emotional needs.

To find out more about Dan, his job role and his top tips for wellbeing we asked him a few questions.

My favourite part of my role is getting to meet and talk to a wide range of people.

What is a typical day in your role like? 

When I come into work, I make a nice strong cup of coffee and ready myself for the day. Throughout the morning and early afternoon I answer the phones and carry out appointments with people in the region. Everyone who rings in is unique, but they all have something making them feel low. Throughout the conversation I do my best to identify these barriers to wellbeing, working alongside the caller to help them make an action plan, with an aim to help them develop the tools to conquer these barriers. 

I reserve the latter part of the afternoon for completing my research and referrals for the people I have spoken to throughout the day, so they can move forward with their wellbeing plans and ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’. 

What do you like best about your role at Wellbeing Enterprises? 

My favourite part about my role at Wellbeing Enterprises is getting the chance to meet and talk to a wide range of people. The job has taught me that no matter our backgrounds or the choices we have made throughout our lives, we can have an engaging and fulfilling conversation with almost anyone. 

How do you look after your own wellbeing? 

Even when life is really busy, I make sure to dedicated time to focus on myself and my hobbies. Taking this time really helps me stay grounded and stops me getting swept up in the stresses of life. My hobbies help me feel encouraged to never stop learning and striving for knowledge, as there is always room for progression.  

What are your top tips for wellbeing? 

  1. Listen to one of your favourite albums.
  2. Try and make some of your favourite takeaway foods from scratch. It makes you mindful of what you’re eating & makes the end result so much more rewarding. 

Tell us something unique about yourself. 

I have two guinea pigs called Gary and Scotty T, named after the Geordie Shore stars. 


I love to play the guitar. My friends and I want to make a band, we call ourselves ‘Banana Farmer Llama Drama’ when we jam together. I have recently began woodworking, my current project is making a house for my guinea pigs, which is being modelled after my favourite night club. 

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